Wireless remote control vibrating Kegel Exercise Ball



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Made of medical silicone, safe non-toxic and odorless.
Functions:10 vibration,the ball and remote control both are vibration.
Ben Wa Balls has good function of shrinking in physical means. And weighted to provide resistance to build a healthy pelvic floor strength gradually and efficiently.
Good for postpartum restoration. Strengthen and tone your PC Muscles for improved bladder control, and pelvic floor health.
Kegel balls strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and a stronger pelvic floor means a tighter vagina, better bladder control and improved sex for you and your partner.
1:Kegel tighten,sex feeling down,diffcult to reach orgasm?The Kegel vibrating eggs return you tight vagina as before
2:It’s also can bring you pleasure at the same time compact remote control also the same time you can also massage the sensitive
3:areas of your body,experience multiple orgasms screams,is a Kegel ball and also a vibrating egg, is a remote control and also a massager a product a variety of functions, give you a new experience, is a necessary article for female!


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