Amzdeal Pet Hair Grooming Blower Blaster with Strong Power


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1️⃣Adjustable Wind Speed & Temperature Stepless Speed: from 45m/s to 68m/s.

2️⃣Temperature Options: cold wind 30℃/ 85℉ and warm wind 60℃/140℉.
With strong wind, you can save tons of time to dryer your dog with thick coat. This stuff is suitable for all season.

3️⃣Spring Hose: 39.3″ – 78.7″
The hose can extend from 1m/3ft to 2m/7ft. The long hose will be very handy when you blow the dog. The holder of hose is heat-prevented that won’t burn your hand when open heat wind.

4️⃣Four Nozzle Air Outlet
You can replace the air outlet for different size dogs and drying needs. Pet owners can make a shinning and beautiful hair salon for dogs at home


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Weight 10.58 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 40 in


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